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Timeline HotKeys

Insert a keyframe - click in the frame you wish to add the blank key frame and click F6

Insert a blank keyframe - click in the frame you wish to add the blank key frame and click F7

Add Frames - click in the frame that you wish to be the last frame you intend to add and then click F5

Remove Frames - Select a range of frames and then click shift + F5

General HotKeys

Use F4 to temporarily hide all palettes to get a better view of the stage and timeline. Click F4 again to bring your palettes back.




Dreamweaver tutorials

Tween along a motion path in Flash CS3

Learn to make your symbols, text or grouped shapes follow a drawn path.


For a video version of this tutorial click here.

Create a simple button with sound in Flash 8

This tutorial will walk you through the creation of a simple button with up, down, over and hit states as well as an event sound.



Create a custom cursor in Flash 8

custom cursor Create an easy custom cursor in Flash 8.


Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow

Create a random snowfall effect using Flash 8 actionscript.




Importing video into Flash 8

add video to flashFlash video is all that and a bag of chips but how do your turn your existing quicktime, avi, and windows media player movies into .flv files. One option is to import them into Flash 8 using the import video wizard.

Creating smooth shape tweens with shape hinting

Flash 8 shape hint tutorial iconMorphing one object into another can be tricky and often results in what we call a messy morph. Gain greater control over your shape tweens by adding shape hints.



Create a twinkling star effect

Create your own starry night effect using graphic symbols to simulate twinkling stars. Graphic symbols differ from movie symbols in that they play within the main timeline. You can specify a different starting frame for every instance allowing your "stars" to twinkle independently. more



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Preview your movie

Use Ctrl + Enter to preview your movie in the flash player and F12 (win) or Cmd + F12 (mac) to preview your movie in an actual browser.


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