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Creating a bulleted list in Illustrator CS3

(beginner to intermediate level)

Creating a bulleted list is so easy in many programs but... it takes a little bit more work in Illustrator. This tutorial works in all recent versions of Illustrator.

draw text areaStep 1: Create a text area

When creating bulleted lists it is easier to work with Area text rather than point text. With the Type tool click and drag to create a text area.

Enter bullets and text Step 2: Add bullets and text

Hold down the Opt key (mac) or the Alt key (Win) and type 0149 on the numeric key pad to create a bullet then click the tab key once and enter the text for the first list item. Hit enter or return and repeat for the remaining list items.



position the tabs palette Step 3: Adjust the spacing using the Tabs palette

Open the Tabs palette by choosing Window > Type > Tabs. Position the floating Tabs palette so it is over top of your text area.

With the left aligned tab highlighted click slightly over top of the ruler to add a left tab.


Step 4: Creating a Hanging Indent

wrap problemWhat if you don't have enough horizontal room for each list item to fit on one line? Well if I tighten up our text area we have a problem. The text wraps to the edge of the text area not to the tab position. Hanging Indents to the rescue.

Drag the bottom triangle on the left side of the Tabs palette ruler to the same position as your tab and voila! you have a hanging indent.

hanging indenthanging indent


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