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Create a heart from a circle

(beginner )

This beginner level tutorial will show you how to use the direct selection tool and convert anchor point tool to alter the anchor points of a circle and turn it into a heart.

Step 1: Draw a circle

draw a circleSelect the ellipse tool and click and drag out a circle - Tip: hold down the shift-key while you draw to constrain the shape to a perfect circle.

Step 2: Change the bottom of the circle to a point

convert anchor point toolClick and hold down on the Pen tool in the tool box to display the hidden tools beneath. Then drag accross to the tear off bar and release the mouse to seperate the pen tools palette.

convert the bottom anchor pointafter the point was convertedWith the convert anchor point tool simply click once on the anchor point at the bottom of the circle.

Step 3. Move the top anchor point

direct selection tool move anchor pointUse the Direct selection tool to select the anchor point at the top of the circle and move it down so that the top of the shape is close to flat.

Step 4: Convert the anchor point at the top of shape

convert the top anchor pointdrag up the other direction handleUse the direct selection tool to select the anchor point at the top of the circle. Then use the convert anchor point tool and select one of the direction handles attached to the anchor point and drag it up till the curve at that side of the anchor point looks apropriate.

By converting the anchor point we break the connection between the two direction handles so that we can move them independently. Once the connection has been broken we can then select the anchor point again so that both direction handles are visible and then use the direction selection tool to select the direction handle on the other side and draw it up.

Step 5: Colour the shape

choose-colorfinished heartSelect the shape with the selection tool, bring the fill icon forward in the tool box and choose a colour.

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